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Thank you for taking this moment to enjoy my artwork. I’ve been an artist and designer of sorts my entire life. But my true artistic journey began when I became a dad; then lost my own dad, comedian David Brenner, a few months later. My dad was my personal Superhero, and signed every note, letter or email he ever wrote to me my whole life with these words: “HEART, Dad.” On his last trip to Boulder, he held my son, Wesley, at his Bris.   This was a priceless moment that my wife and I will never forget.


Watching Wes discover his own heroes is an amazing thing. When I’m painting one of his favorites, I look for the moment when I can tell exactly what feelings or thoughts the character is having. Pooh sulks over his empty “hunny pot.”   Tigger wants you to bounce with him.  Suddenly, I’m Wesley’s age again, on my own hero quest.  His childlike wonder has inspired each of my canvasses, adding his own bit of magic to them.


As a stay-at-home dad, I feel really lucky to enjoy this precious time with my son.  We paint outside a lot, and he helps with the backgrounds of most of my canvasses.  When we feel a cool breeze on our cheeks, I like to think, “There is a kiss from my Dad in the wind for each of us.”


Wes knows that to be a true “Superhero” you need to nap, and that the world becomes even more magical every time you wake up.  I hope that what we’ve created reminds you of your own inner Superhero, gets your imagination going, and inspires you to be a bit of a kid again.   And, if you are a parent like me, I hope that your own mini Superhero takes decent naps.  Who knows?  Maybe they’ll be a Superhero Artist sometime soon.


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Cole Brenner live painting DEADPOOL

Longmont, CO | Speed painting from Art Walk 2016

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"Superhero Nap Time, a pop culture-inspired small art company in Longmont, is the artistic brainchild of freelance graphic designer Cole Brenner, and it's a very personal endeavor. While taking some time off work after his father passed away two years ago, Brenner started painting and making toys as part of the healing process.

Brenner, 33, works from home and simultaneously takes care of his son.

"My son Wes is two years old; I don't have much time," said Brenner, 33. "And art's tough. There's a fun part where you're painting and then there's a marketing part, a selling part and shows. It's not like I have a ton of time to divide between freelance design and this."

Wes, though, provides the inspiration for Superhero Nap Time, and he even came up with the name. Through reading stories such as " The Giving Tree," "Winnie the Pooh" and "Where the Wild Things Are" to his son, Brenner is able to add to his initially abstract images.

Wes helps with the painting too.

"He'll always bust out paint markers and paint, usually at the start," Brenner said. "Once I get past about 70 percent, I'm like 'OK, no more painting on this one.'"
— Brett Callwood



Vinyl Toys are part of modern art culture. Join artist Cole Brenner, Superhero Nap Time, for three fun filled classes designing custom toys! Pick blank Stormtrooper, Superhero or Kid Robot Munny; learn about Creative Process, Epoxy Clay Alterations, Painting Objects and Photographing your finished Toys!


7-13 yrs:

Sept 27-Oct 4 Tue, 4 -6pm 446451.09

Fee: $60 resident/$75 non-resident +$25 materials fee


Nov 1-15 Tue, 4 -6pm 446451.11

Fee: $90 resident/$112.50 non-resident + $25 materials fee


Instructor: Superhero Nap Time

Location: Creation Station, 519 4th Ave


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December Issue

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The Great Frame Up | Live Painting Event

430 Main St, Longmont, CO 80501

December 11, 2015


Jackalope Denver | Event Booth

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EXDO Center in Denver, CO

November 14th - 15th


The Great Frame Up | Art Show

430 Main St, Longmont, CO 80501

November 11 - December 30, 2015


Wonderland Brewery | Art Featured

5450 W 120th Ave, Broomfield, CO 80020

October - present


Nighthawk Brewery | Art Featured

2780 Industrial Ln, Broomfield, CO 80020

October - present


Curating the Cool | Shop

409 S Public Rd, Lafayette, CO 80026

October  - present

The Great Frame Up | Live Painting Art Show

430 Main St, Longmont, CO 80501

December 10, 2015




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WINTER 2015 WINTER 2016 FALL 2015 SUMMER 2015

Longmont Artwalk

Featured Artist | live painting

Main St. Longmont, CO

September 19th, 2015


The Great Frame Up | Art Show

430 Main St, Longmont, CO 80501

September 9th - October 5th, 2015

The Great Frame Up | Art Show

430 Main St, Longmont, CO 80501

July 8th - August 13th,  2015


Jackalope Denver | Event Booth

Curated Art Fair

EXDO Center in Denver, CO

July 25th - 26th 2015


Dizzy Family Fun Center | Art & Prints

455 Weaver Park Rd #100, Longmont, CO 80501

Summer - present



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Yellow Scene Cover Artist

March 2016

Superkids Expo & Colorado Camp Guide

Painting of Batman VS Superman
Live Painting April 16 at Superkids Expo

Spring/summer 2016

April 23rd | Superkids Expo

Live Painting & Booth Games

10am - 3pm Orchard Town Center

Outside of Denver Colorado


FRIDAY May 13th | Art Show

The Great Frame Up

6pm - 9pm at 430 Main St,
Longmont, CO 80501


May 21st | Artwalk + Art Show
The Great Frame Up

6pm - 9pm at 430 Main St,
Longmont, CO 80501


Oct | Grimm Brothers Brewery
 Loveland , CO  - MAP LINK
Drink, Eat & Buy some Art!




"In the Shadow of a God" Batman VS Superman Art Prints on ETSY
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the art of  Cole Brenner


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Create a Designer Vinyl Toy
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a pop art COLLECTION
for the Kid at Heart
BY Cole Brenner

Art Prints,  Gifts and More Sold on ETSY

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  • Pricing is by Canvas Size.
  • Pop Culture Characters and Concepts
  • Ideas can be "Out There" don't be shy ;-)

Status:  taking requests


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the art of  Cole Brenner

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the art of  Cole Brenner


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 “Art in Action” Featured Artist Live Painting

Longmont, CO | Speed painting "On the Catwalk"